Kirroughtree Trail Information

    The trails

    • Bargaly Wood (green grade)
    • Larg Hill (blue grade)
    • The Twister (red grade)
    • Black Craigs (black grade)
    • Skills Area (blue, black and red grade)
    If you like... Fast flowing singletrack. Rocky challenges. Long rides.
    Highlight... McMoab granite slab: Almost 1km of on-the-edge riding – literally!

    McMoab Slab, Kirroughtree 7stanesFor many people the mountain biking of 7stanes at Kirroughtree is the hidden jewel in the crown of the 7stanes. Invariably these people will be singletrack mountain biking connoisseurs, or 'old school', depending on your outlook. The main attraction of 7stanes at Kirroughtree is the sheer length of twisty singletrack mountain biking trail that awaits you. It is well worth the extra hour drive for those coming from the Dumfriesshire 7stanes mountain biking trails.

    Kirroughtree 7stanes Visitor CentreThe 7stanes Red graded run at Kirroughtree combines sections of roller-coaster like singletrack, hardly touching forest road for its whole length. The 7stanes Black graded run includes all of this gorgeous singletrack plus what to many is the most flowing singletrack around, to be found on Talnotry Hill above Kirroughtree. You have to earn this singletrack via the aptly-named Heartbreak Hill, however. Believe us it is well worth it. Just make sure you don't get engrossed in the mountain biking too much and miss the stunning views down the valley.

    7stanes Mountain Biking KirroughtreeAside from the twisty singletrack there is plenty of challenging geological features along the way, ready to punish tiredness or lack of concentration. The epic 'McMoab' slab at the outer reaches of the 7stanes Black run requires near-trials skills to clean, and you might find yourself there for over an hour trying. Apart from the more extreme challenges, there is a very rewarding Blue run which is bound to tempt you back to take on the Red run as you improve. To help you improve, there is an excellent skills loop near the Kirroughtree Visitor Centre and Café. Make sure you leave enough time to enjoy the family friendly Café after your ride. The 7stanes at Kirroughtree really is an excellent trip for all abilities, guaranteed to get you hooked on singletrack mountain biking.

    Information about Kirroughtree courtesy of Iain Withers - MB7